Baltimore, DC & NoVA

"Fearless" Video is here!


Our Baltimore, DC & NoVA Video Theme Song

Claudia Carawan

Claudia Carawan performed with us on Saturday Night! She is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, pianist, producer and performer of many instruments. Known as "one goose-bump inducing vocalist," Claudia moves with ease through many genres including soul, pop, gospel, jazz. Her music is best described as POSITIVELY SOULFUL as she creates music to inspire and empower her listeners. She has been inspiring her fans through her positive heart and soul-based music for many years.

Our Local Leaders:

Debbie Kabin

Debbie Kabin wants "to 'walk the talk'! I believe that it is the time for Women to come together in a big way and use our collective voices and actions to say, 'The Time Has Come for Real Change' and I want to be part of the solution." She is a proud Crone, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, and the creator of Earthmother Holistic Events in the Washington, DC area. She is all about honoring, creating, connecting and celebrating the power & reclaiming of The Sacred Feminine with her community of TribeSisters. Her mission is to help to bring our multitude of gifts out into the world where they not only belong~ but are needed more now than ever. Together, we will illuminate and blind the world with the Brightness of our collective light.

Joan Schramm

Joan Schramm joined this team because wanted to "be a part of creating a community of women in this area, to learn, teach, and share with one another -- to hold up our part of the world." Joan is a coach, mentor, writer, dreamer and advocate for women creating the lives they want. "You can go along by putting one foot in front of the other and keeping a steady pace, but sooner or later it'll be time to jump some big hurdles – and you'll need different resources for that leap." Through her company Momentum Coaching, she helps women re-think their lives and break out to the next level of living. She helps job seekers break away from outmoded, ineffective job search strategies. Knowing that social networking can cut job search time in half, she teaches her clients marketing skills that get them noticed – and hired.

Tiffany Montavon

Tiffany Montavon can't wait to be part od the AWHTour because "women need to experience the power, beauty, & success of this "generosity model"- we will all learn in the process, and as we in turn offer what we learn, we strengthen our world-changing way of being!" She knows the world-changing strength of women GETTING the full power of our love; all of her work is about helping women open to this truth, and live from it. As Creatrix of Soul Seasons, Tiffany is a ritual coach, helping people honor life's transitions while teaching practices for wholeness. Her specialties are soulful community organizing, sustainable spiritual practices and conscious event planning.

Sharon Fallon Shreve

Sharon Fallon Shreve says that "To be part of a spiritual movement which joyfully and passionately fuels feminine connection, encourages our expansion, empowerment, AND generates heart-felt excitement...WOW, this feeds the very soul of me. This is what I was born to do!" Sharon is a Magdalene Priestess, ordained non-denominational minister and Women's Spiritual Empowerment Coach. She is devoted to helping restore the vibration of the Divine Feminine on our planet. The forest is her playground and all acts of beauty, love and kindness are her ritual.

Beth Bracaglia

Beth Bracaglia became involved as a local leader because "I want to be a part of organizing and meeting many of the women who are a part of the AWH. It's been a source of such inspiration and support over the past year, and I want to give back to the community and share the message of generosity and collaboration. I'm so very excited to do my part to assist and then celebrate with all the amazing women who are attending." Beth is a Baltimore/DC based Professional Organizer and Chief Organizing Officer of Simply Organized. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Beth has a Bachelors of Science degree from Clemson University in Management and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She has over 15 years of experience helping her clients to organize their homes and offices.


Laurissa Heller believes that this tour is a way for awesome women to "give back" to their communities. She loves the uplifting energy of the Awesome Women Hub and has already found life-long friends as part of participating. Laurissa is the mother of three, a meditation teacher, a former environmental educator, and a volunteer at the Wellness House in Annapolis. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for many years. Her work now includes astrology and intuition as part of guiding clients on an on-going basis.