Meet Us

Inspired to be of deeper service to the world and hearing the call to empower women worldwide in the new feminine models of community, Robin, Leslie, Carla and Sandra have come together to travel to each Awesome Women Hub Tour Stop to meet you! Here is a little more about us...

Robin Rice

Robin Rice
Founder And Executive Producer

The Awesome Women Hub was founded by Robin Rice, an internationally published author and visionary filmmaker. Her shamanic novel, "A Hundred Ways To Sunday," has been translated into three languages and distributed in nine countries. As President of Be Who You Are Productions, Robin has long been a mentor to women leaders. As an "Illuminator of The Way," she teaches online courses on Taoism, Alchemy, and Contemporary Shamanism. Through her company UpTribe Media, she has created and launched a wide range of life-affirming Facebook pages, including the Awesome Women Hub and Robin Rice's Be Who You Are page. Her many and varied "change the world" videos received a total of more than 200,000 views on youtube in 2010. She created the Awesome Women Hub as an experiment to see if her ideas and values of feminine leadership were ready to take flight in the world. And the answer came back… OH YES!

We're Not Just Awesome, Were....

Robin Rice Discusses the Tour

Leslie Stein

Leslie Stein
RE-Think Tank Co-Facilitator

Leslie Stein's path in life has given her opportunities to travel the world, study human dynamics, and live life to the fullest every minute. From flying helicopters to running a marathon to traveling alone in far off lands, Leslie doesn't know the meaning of the words, "I can't." She decided early on to take the road less traveled, which led her to The U.S. Military Academy at West Point after high school where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Portuguese before being commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army. She spent seven years as an Aviation officer flying CH-47D Chinook helicopters, including tours in Kosovo & South Korea. After leaving the Army, Leslie worked as a professional organizer, TV news producer, facilitator, trainer & coach before starting her own company, Full Circle Inspiration, which allows her to use her passion for helping individual & corporate clients use their own brilliance to create clearer visions of what they want and to improve communication to enhance success. In her spare time, she runs triathlons, takes trapeze lessons, reads, writes, travels as much as possible, and works with women in leadership through her Lead Like a Girl program. She's also an avid penny collector and started The Penny Project as a way to pool found money & small donations for a bigger cause. With hundreds of people out there finding pennies with her, she's been able to collect over $1,850 to donate to local organizations.

Leslie Stein

Dr. Carla Goddard
Director of Connections

Dr. Carla Goddard is excited to be a part of the national team of Awesome Women. Her role is to connect the women of the tour with the media, blogs, other social networks and more. Her passion is envisioning what the world needs next. Often called the Sacred Soul Shaman, Carla draws upon the energetic flow of life to help others both heal the soul and have profound shifts in awareness. She loves connecting individuals with their souls and with other souls to create a “tribe” and this is behind her own desire to change the world. Through the active presence, active communication, and active connections we bring to blazing this new path, we will change the world together.

sandra purvine

Sandra Purvine
Web Mistress and
Women’s Organization Liaison

Sandra Purvine jumped at the chance to be involved in the AWH Tour. Everything that moves her revolves around love, connection and communication. The generosity model that Awesome Women Hub so powerfully injects into social networking is just the spark that, when taken on the road, can move the world into a new era: an era built on love, collaboration and mutual respect. She knows that when women come together and stand in the power of their natural gifts, the possibilities are infinite. Along with keeping the website current, her role is to help connect the Awesome Women Hub with organizations that serve women.