Our New York

"Beautiful" Video is here!


Our Theme Song For NYC:

Faith Rivera

Beautiful (Written by Faith Rivera & Karen Taylor Good)

It has been said that if Tony Robbins were a girl, could sing like Mariah, groove like Madonna, and inspire like Oprah…you'd get Faith Rivera! Faith's a Kauai-born, Emmy-winning Singer, Songwriter & touring Positive Music Artist. Her transformational music has been featured on popular TV shows like ER & Scrubs and she was awarded an Emmy in 2003 for Outstanding Original Song. Faith has musically supported best-selling authors and teachers like Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith & Jack Canfield. Through music & videos, creative workshops & community-building concerts, Faith inspires & empowers the young & young-at-heart to freely sing their song, dance their dance, & shine their mighty light! Faith has worked with artists such as Luther Vandross, Neil Young, Al Jarreau and Brian Mcknight. This fab Filipina is most passionate about causes & organizations that are committed to peace & sustained abundance for all.

Our NYC Local Leaders:

Lori Fields

Lori Fields believes there is nothing more powerful than when women come together to support each other as we tap into our most authentic and powerful self. Lori knows first hand that when a woman has the courage to be who she REALLY is (without explanation or apology), her potential to change herself and the world is limitless. She is honored to help create a sacred space to empower women to do just that!" Lori wants you to harness your power and live your most purpose driven life. As a Clinical Social Worker, Intuitive Healer and Entrepreneur she founded her own coaching company, Real Beauty Is to help women know their worth, own their beauty and live their most powerful life. In addition, Lori is an Inspirational Speaker in the area of women's empowerment and inner beauty.

Elizabeth Cassidy

elizabeth cassidy believes that people can change their lives. "But when you put a group of women together, they can change the world. And have fun doing it.” She is founder of Coaching for the Creative Soul – Inspired Coaching for Artists and Writers. Her clients partner up with a kindred soul who believes a sense of humor and empathy can deliver a new perspective. elizabeth showers her clients with support, motivation and dark chocolate when needed. elizabeth is a national blogger for Skirt! and a columnist for GalTime, Smartly.NY and ShareWik. She interviews artists and writers for the Glen Cove Patch and is a faculty member and workshop leader for the Art League of Long Island. elizabeth is also a Reiki Practitioner. elizabeth’s personal blog, My Views from the Edge, is written with her tongue placed securely in her cheek. She is currently working on her book proposal about life with a side of humor.

Elizabeth Cassidy

Dawn Copeland is thrilled to be part of the Awesome Women Hub tour because she believes no matter how successful and happy you are, we are each being called in this moment to evolve. We, as women, are being called to stand in our power, raise our voices and participate in the greatest global consciousness shift of our time! To support women in doing this, Dawn has created The Feminine Evolution Process™. This process guides women to experience healing on the deepest DNA level so what they want (success, money, relationship, health) comes easily, with less struggle. Dawn’s coaching practice specializes in working with women whom she lovingly calls, “overachievers who walk the line of self-destruction.” Dawn is a professor, coach, and workshop facilitator and has taught at such renowned places as Omega Institute, Renfrew Foundation National Conference on Eating Disorders, V-Day’s Worldwide Festival, Savvy Ladies and to women across the US and in Botswana, Africa. She has also co-created Journey to Yourself, a training program based in NYC for women to access and integrate different archetypal types of feminine power and the SacredRhythms technique. She is also a co-convener of the REVEAL conference and Director of the Red Tent.

Elizabeth Cassidy

Joanna Lindenbaum believes with every fiber of her being that women tapping into their Feminine Wisdom can transform their lives and heal the world! Whether you’re a business owner, artist, mother or banker (or all of the above) YOU have the power to live life joyously and be part of the paradigm shift that is revolutionizing the planet. And that is why she is just thrilled to be an NYC local leader of the Awesome Women Hub. Joanna coaches women to successfully move forward in their businesses, careers, and artistic pursuits. She is the creator of Soulful Coaching for Busy Women, the Woman Wisdom Success Principles System and the 12-week Women’s Intuitive Leadership Program. She is also the co-creator of the Sacred Rhythms Method and the year-long Journey to Yourself program for women, as well as co-convener of the REVEAL conference. For the last 12 years Joanna has extensively studied and practiced journaling, meditation, movement therapies, women's spirituality and rituals from around the world, art, public speaking, workshop development, leadership training, public dialogue systems, organization systems and time management systems. She has presented over 200 thought provoking workshops internationally, including seminars at Omega Institute, Renfrew Center, Womb & Belly Conference, and Womongathering.

Vanessa Codorniu

Vanessa Codorniu, CHt knows that there is nothing more powerful than a woman in harmony with her Spirit! Igniting the transformational intuitive spark within is what her life’s work is all about and she is thrilled to be with the Awesome Woman Hub walking our talk and invoking our change in the world! Vanessa is a transformation facilitator, intuition coach, Reiki Master, writer and Latina urban priestess. She is a co-facilitator of SOL Circle, a NYC multi-cultural women’s empowerment circle gathering since 1999. As a third generation intuitive, Vanessa has developed her psychic and spiritual abilities from childhood. As the founder of MuzeWorks, she works with women & men who are choosing to consciously transform their lives by awakening their truest SELF! Vanessa has been involved with Eve Ensler’s Vday movement as director/performer & circle facilitator since 2008 and is a board member of the REVEAL conference. Vanessa is writing for the NY Alternative Spirituality Examiner, Cosmic Life, MuzeChick’s Soul & the City and for her Abuelas!