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Our Theme Song For Our Northampton Video:

Megon McDonough

Amazing Things

Megon McDonough is best known for her work as an inaugural member of The Four Bitchin Babes. She has performed on stages as varied as The Cellar Door and Carnegie Hall and is an accomplished comedic actress, including having a starring role in Always Patsy Cline. She won an ACE Cable TV award for singing the theme song of an HBO Olympic ice-skating special and has recorded for a Danielle Steel Made for TV movie. McDonough has nine solo albums to her credit. Folk lovers may remember a 17-year-old McDonough opening for such acts in the 70's as John Denver, Steve Martin and Harry Chapin. She wrote her first song at age 11.

Our Northampton Local Leaders:

lisa mead

Lisa Meade, PhD became a part of the Awesome Women Hub tour because she is devoted to serving women and offering to them the many tools and insights she has gained in her years of training both in the natural health field and in women's spirituality. She is excited to be a part of a ground breaking movement as women come together in inspiring and supportive ways, challenging and changing the old methods of doing business and networking. Creator and Matriarch of Withinsight, LLC, Lisa has trained in the ancient ways of the Wise Woman Mysteries and uses this to assist women in the understanding of their tools of self-empowerment. With a passion for women's spiritual growth, Lisa has shared at numerous conferences and gatherings the means of claiming authentic self and the process of lifelong learning and living with intention. A ritualist, Lisa fosters the Mind-Body-Spirit connection in healing and creates rites of passage for people as they travel their life's path. Over the years, she has supported women on their journeys toward self-discovery, the manifestation of dreams and the enlightenment of their spirituality.

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  • Lisa Meade’s Withinsight Women’s Wisdom ~ Spirit’s Spark
  • Jean Pagagni

    Jean Papagni sees the AWH as "a much needed call to action for women to celebrate who we are and to actively discuss the role we play in the wondrous changes in our world today." Jean is owner of Spark to a Flame Coaching, and as a women's empowerment coach and speaker, she supports women who are ready to overcome their self-limiting beliefs and fully embrace all of who they are to create a vibrant and fulfilling life. Having transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years to a business owner, Jean knows first hand the courage it takes to break out of self-created boxes and fulfill a dream. "When we see ourselves as creators rather than victims, we remove our box and find our joy."

    Alisa Blanchard

    Alisa Juanita Amlika Muñiz Blanchard, finds the power of women working together and the prospect of her daughter one day becoming a woman, to be her greatest inspiration in joining the Hub. She is excited by the energy of possibility and heard her soul scream YES when she found out about this opportunity. Alisa has been described by those who know her as, Mother to all women and “able to leap tall buildings and solve all of womenkind’s problems in a single hug.” The Co-Founder of Gathered Resources of Women: GROW, Inc.; Mother; singer; writer; doula; photographer; event planner; creative visionary; dreamer; and student of life, Alisa spends all her "free" time working to better the future by changing today. Alisa is also the owner of Common Moments and Positive Feedback Programming. She provides not only Doula and Photography Services but also works with women to develop their souls’ journeys and awakening the path to their dreams, through intuition exploration and retreat.

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  • Gathered Resources of Women: GROW
  • Common Moments
  • Elizabeth Kingsley

    Elizabeth Kingsley is an artist-teacher who is completing a master's in art education through Boston University. She has worked for the past five years as an arts educator in an inner-city school. Her experience and academic research have shown her the importance of community-based educational outreach in reshaping and revitalizing communities and she is profoundly aware of how needed woman's leadership, intelligence, and honesty are to this process. Awesome Women Hub has the right idea at the right time--there is a golden age waiting for us if we are willing to stand together. Elizabeth also does occasional design work for select women's causes and businesses Zick Design and writes a female-centered sci-fi serial called "The Notebook of Forsythia Bloom" Blooms Note Book.

    Deirdre Morro James

    Deirdre James says devotion to women’s issues gives her a great appreciation for the work of Awesome Women Hub. She credits this interest to her girl’s school experience at the hands of a remarkable group of nuns. Liberal, inherently socialist, woman-centered spirituality was her daily bread. She was molded by a community of women operating successfully for the benefit of the whole, which was to educate the girls of Western North Carolina with the nurturing and love women so naturally supply the world. Aided and abetted by the epic forces of women’s liberation, she is happy to join with Awesome Women Hub. Once a writer and creative director in the advertising world, she is now pursuing work that reflects her own voice and other women's. She is currently co-writing a book on liver disease and transplant with a classmate from her girl’s school days.

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  • karenribeiro

    Karen Ribeiro understands the need to stop trying to be superwoman and is thrilled to be joining forces with like-spirited women in the Awesome Women Hub to make this evolutionary work "lighter." As a former advertising executive turned commercial banker turned serial social entrepreneur, Karen now pursues full life integration of her lifelong spiritual work in journaling, yoga and meditation through her Inner Fortune journal based coaching practice. She has just written a memoir about witnessing the soul-crushing death of her little brother in the care of her 8-year-old self, called Thirsty-Journaling to Survive, Thrive and Feel Alive.

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