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Are you a whole-hearted woman who cares deeply about our world? Do you want to join with other dedicated women to want to deeply question and collectively discover “What The World Needs NEXT” from their own Awesome Women community? Have you exhausted the end of your reach using the “lone wolf” path and so desire to find other women who will support you? If so, the Awesome Women Hub Tour is coming your way.

The following videos offer insight into what we are all about. Enjoy the inspiration!

Our Third Tour-Created Video: Woyaya: A Tribute To The Women Who Came Before Us


Our Second Tour-Created Video: YOU are Beautiful


Our First Tour-Created Video: FEARLESS


Robin speaks from the heart and shares our tour music.


Where The Water Is: What Women KNOW


Local Leader Lori Fields Shares About "The Most Inspiring Weekend Of Your Life"


Women Speak Out About What The World Needs Next


We designed this video with Jana Stanfield's If I Were Brave
Facebook page to go viral in 2010, and it did!
10,000 views in 15 days!